Since 2012 I have been an Assistant Professor of Marketing at VU University Amsterdam. I was trained as a sociologist and researcher at University of Amsterdam (UvA) and obtained my master degree by completing the research master in Social Sciences in 2006. In 2011, I defended my PhD in Methods and Statistics at Tilburg University treating a mixed methods study on the quality of survey questions. Since graduation, I focus on green behavior and data quality in surveys in general. I have published in Journal of Environmental Psychology, Sociological Methodology, Methodology, Cross Cultural Research and Field Methods.

I teach courses at bachelor and master level in statistics and methodology. The main topics are inferential statistics, survey methods, sampling methods, cluster analysis, factor analysis and regression analysis. While in most courses I use SPSS syntax, in some courses I use R. In 2016, I developed and taught the course named Data analysis in R for the Amsterdam Summer School which is organized by VU.